Workplace Skin Checks

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The smart way to conduct workplace skin checks

Take Charge of Your People’s Skin Health Without Presumption.

Implementing a workplace health program can come with challenges and resistance. Yet, all your people want is high-quality, private, seamless access to address their primary health needs. Whether they avoid booking a skin check screening or following up on a referral, take away the ‘lazy’ barriers that hold them back.

With streamlined skin cancer screening, give your workplace the right support for early detection, prevention, and education.

The Skin Smart Difference

As an Industry pioneer with over 12 years experience treating skin across Australia, Skin Smart ensures you bring the best screening experience to your workplace.

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Seamless Onsite Implementation

Skin Smart assists your HR team every step of the way, whether that’s promoting skin checks internally, managing employee bookings, or complying with privacy and safety requirements.

High-Standard Skin Check

All skin checks are conducted by medical + dermal specialists alongside the latest screening tech to provide employees with thorough examination, education, and recommendation.

Detailed Company Report

We understand the importance of receiving a detailed ROI report on participation rates, number of referrals and employee feedback and ensure to swiftly provide it to you post-event.

Your Skin Smart Activation

Three levels of skin checks are available to meet the demands of your workplace. *Note that all levels will include dermatoscope screening, skin cancer awareness education, and doctor referrals when applicable.

Level 1


Sun exposed areas only

No removal of clothing

Information handouts

Results card per participant

Level 2


Full body check

Removal of clothing to underwear

Information handouts

Results card per participant

Level 3


Everything in Level 2 +

Digital Imaging of suspicious skin spots for further investigation and serial digital monitoring to assess for change

Private Dermengine account for employees to access at any time and the ability to add updated skin spot images


How can skin cancer screening benefit our employees?

We know that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, and regular skin checks can help identify suspicious moles or lesions before they develop into skin cancer. Unfortunately, many Australians put off getting their skin checks due to lack of time, motivation, and other factors. Implementing a skin check activation in-office means that a company removes these ‘lazy’ barriers for their employees, allowing them the chance to detect and prevent skin cancer early. Regular skin checks can also help employees become more aware of the importance of sun safety and take steps to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation.

What are the costs associated with the skin cancer screening event?

The costs associated with a skin cancer screening event will vary depending on your chosen level of screening  and the number of staff members. Contact us to get a quote today.

What do you require onsite to conduct skin checks?

When implementing skin checks in a workplace, we require the company to provide a main point of contact to assist with organisation and on the day. Onsite, privacy is essential for your employees, and as such, we require a private and comfortable room to conduct our skin checks. We provide all necessary equipment and supplies, and our specialist will work with the assigned contact to ensure that the screening event runs smoothly and efficiently.

How can we promote the skin cancer screening event to our employees?

There are several ways to promote a skin cancer screening event to employees in the workplace such as a series of internal email marketing, flyers in the office, and educational materials. Offering incentives such as vouchers, free breakfast, or extra breaks is also a great way to prompt employees to take action. Whatever marketing route you choose, Skin Smart is here to provide your HR team with the support needed to ensure a high participation rate. Along with marketing support, we also offer sun safety seminars, which can organised pre-screening day to drum up employee enthusiasm. Contact us for more information.

How often should we schedule skin cancer screenings in the workplace?

The frequency of skin cancer screenings in the workplace depends on various factors, such as the level of sun exposure employees receive and their personal risk factors for skin cancer. However, it is generally recommended that employees undergo skin cancer screenings at least  annually  to ensure early skin cancer detection, as well as regularly encouraging employees to practise sun safety and perform monthly self-assessment.

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