Mole Mapping with Skin Smart


If you have a suspicious looking mole, are concerned about the amount of sun exposure you have had in the past, or want to be proactive about your skin health on a regular basis; a mole map with one of our trained and experienced melanographers can provide you the peace of mind that you are taking a proactive approach to your skin health.

    Every lesion imaged during our skin cancer consultations is subjected to a stringent quality control process. This involves the sighting of each lesion by a secondary senior melanographer. During this process the images are further evaluated for suspicious features.

    The Dermatoscopist will prepare a comprehensive report of their findings which will be sent to your General Practitioner. You will also receive a booklet which contains details of your results.

    Should you have a lesion(s) that the Dermatoscopist identifies as requiring further investigation, you will be recommended to a Doctor with qualifications in both Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Surgery. You may also visit a Doctor of your choice for follow up treatment, in which case we will support and assist you in any way possible.

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