Skin Smart gets a make over

Skin Smart gets a makeover

Since it’s inception in 2012 Skin Smart has grown to a team of over 40 accomplished dermatoscopists spanning every corner of Australia’s states and territories. After close to a decade of service, Skin Smart Australia is excited to rebrand and expand its services to extend to corporate wellness and wellbeing programs.

Following, we share the journey of Skin Smart Australia to what it is today and the direction we will be following in 2019 and beyond.

Offering corporate skin cancer assessments and educational services, Skin Smart Australia has quickly become the country’s leading provider of workplace skin checks, with thousands of checks delivered annually to time-poor professionals in just about every industry.

Skin Smart Australia did not launch as a large corporation, it’s humble beginnings started with Jane Homberger and Hillary Mcgregor-Potter, two nursing graduates with a passion for nursing assessment and preventative medicine. Jane and Hillary identified the increasing rates of skin cancer diagnosis in Australia and the effect that later diagnosis had on the patients quality of life and challenges experienced by employers. The need was especially identified in remote workplaces with working conditions that may put their employees at a greater risk of developing skin cancer.

The team set about on a journey to offer skin cancer assessments as apart of corporate wellness initiatives in industrial workplaces. It is well known that accumulative UV exposure leads to an increased risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer. Therefore it was in the best interest for employers of those that worked predominately outdoors to include skin checks alongside their annual medical review.

Skin Smart Australia now provides skin cancer assessments in all major industries spanning industrial workplaces in remote Australia, professional sectors in major Australian cities and educational facilities of all varieties.

As a credit to the exceptional services provided, extensive experience and community contribution, Skin Smart Australia was awarded the 2015 Telstra Business Award.

The exponential growth of Skin Smart Australia can be put down to both the increased recognition of the importance of prevention and early detection of skin cancer, as well as the continued professional development and establishment of industry best practice in all of the 40+ Skin Smart Australia employees.

Ongoing training and employee support mean that Skin Smart Australia’s dermatoscopists are at the forefront of skin cancer detection, education and prevention with the best available skills and knowledge in the field.

Digital advancements in both health and social settings have seen changes in the ways education is provided to employees as well as technology used for assessment and diagnostics. Skin Smart Australia has continued to stay abreast of the advancements in technology and is taking the lead in dermatoscopic imaging by introducing a secure cloud-based digital imaging platform in late 2018.

The introduction of this digital software has seen a leap in the quality of clinical imaging and also an almost instantaneous ability to send reports to the patients specialist or general practitioner. As a result, potentially suspicious lesions are being better clearly identified by specialists and further investigated faster than ever before.

In July 2019 Skin Smart Australia unveiled its new branding to reflect the devotion to corporate wellness and early skin cancer detection for Australians professionals. The new Skin Smart logo is symbolic of both the sun-drenched country we live in and the importance of ‘shining the light’ on preventative measures to reduce the load of skin cancer and physical illness in the workplace and at home.

The relaunch of Skin Smart Australia has also opened the opportunity to extend its services into flu vaccinations, massage, health checks and fitness initiatives. The ultimate goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of time-poor working Australians in metropolitan and regional locations.

Skin Smart Australia continues to forge the way for assessments to become a regular and valued workplace health and wellness initiative.