Partnership With The University of South Australia

Skin cancer is a prevalent and serious health concern in Australia, with regional areas facing higher rates and challenges in accessing care. To address these issues, Skin Smart partnered in October 2022 with the University of South Australia to initiate a groundbreaking skin check study: Project CheckMate.

The partnership aimed to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology and upskill local nurses to improve the prevention and early detection of skin cancer in underserved regions.

Sun Safety Challenges in Rural Australia

Partnering with An Industry Leading Academia

The University of South Australia is a leading educational institution known for its commitment to research, innovation, and community engagement. With a strong focus on health sciences, UniSA has emerged as a key partner in addressing the challenges associated with skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Our collaboration was driven by the desire to harness research, technology, and healthcare expertise to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals affected by skin cancer.

The project involved training nurse dermoscopists to conduct skin cancer screening with the AI-enhanced MetaOptima’s DermEngine technology to diagnose lesions more efficiently.

Pioneering Rural Skin Cancer Screening

Along with training nurses, the project involved a study conducted in collaboration with the Riverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network to assess the effectiveness, acceptability, and sustainability of the activation. The study gathered feedback from participating nurses on their views and experience conducting the skin cancer screenings. The study was also supported by The Hospital Research Foundation and Skin Check Champions.

Overall, Project CheckMate represents a transformative initiative to enhance the early detection of skin cancer in regional South Australia. By combining AI technology with the expertise of local nurses, Skin Smart and the University of South Australia are pioneering a sustainable and efficient approach to mobile cancer screening.