Non-Contact Skin Cancer Screening 

Non-Contact Skin Cancer Screening from the comfort of your home or office.

Skin Smart are utilising tele-health, together with the MoleScope app and the MS-Light Dermatoscope to limit unnecessary in-clinic visits during COVID 19 and to assist remote patients.



Patients and corporate staff members are given a link to register for their own account and are able to download the MoleScope app on their devices.

As dermoscopic images are the only accurate way to diagnose a malignancy, the client purchases an at home dermatoscope.

Skin Smart provides an affordable at-home dermatoscope which takes very detailed images showing the tiny features that allow the dermatoscopist to be able to clearly assess a lesion as atypical.

This instrument easily attaches to the client’s device and they are able to take both location and dermoscopic images and map them to an anatomical figure.

The client is then able to share this and other images to Skin Smart for diagnosing.

Skin Smart will assess and provide a detailed report which is all contained within the MoleScope Application.



Continuity of care is assured by providing a history of skin images and the ability to track changes with ease.

Increases patient peace of mind through education and confidence that their long-term skin health is being taken care of.

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