EOFY Health Investment: How Skin Cancer Initiatives Improve Your Bottom Line


We’re approaching the end of the financial year in Australia, and your company might have some EOFY surplus budget. Naturally, you may consider using this budget to pay off outstanding debts, reward employees with bonuses, or invest in a new project. However, with a new budget on the horizon, it is crucial to spend mindfully and think about investing more in the next financial year into your employees’ health.

One key area to focus on is skin cancer prevention and awareness. Melanoma is a significant concern in Australia, and early detection is critical for successful treatment. Unfortunately, many employees might skip the necessary steps to get their skin checked. As a business owner or HR manager, you have the opportunity to change that. This not only benefits your employees but can also positively impact your company’s financial wellbeing.

In this blog, we will explore why prioritising employee health in the new financial year is vital and provide practical tips on budgeting for skin cancer awareness and prevention. By investing in your employees’ health, you can enhance their wellbeing and improve your company’s performance and bottom line.

Why Prioritising Employee Health in the New Financial Year is Vital for the Wellbeing of Your Company

Prioritising employee health is not just a moral obligation; it is a smart financial strategy. Skin cancer, when diagnosed early, can be treated successfully. However, many employees avoid visiting their GP for skin checks. By offering workplace skin cancer screenings, you break down these barriers and facilitate early diagnosis, potentially saving lives and reducing healthcare costs.

A skin cancer diagnosis can significantly impact an employee’s mental health and work performance. Anxiety and stress associated with health concerns can lead to decreased productivity and increased absenteeism. In severe cases, employees might require extended sick leave. Data from the Australian HR Institute shows that in the last two decades, the average time taken off work for mental health claims increased by 86%, from 11.2 to 20.8 working weeks. This rise in absenteeism translates into substantial costs for businesses.

In Australia, absenteeism costs an average of $3,500 per employee per year. These costs can escalate with serious health issues like skin cancer. By investing in employee health initiatives such as skin cancer screenings, companies can mitigate these costs. Healthy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days, and contribute positively to the workplace environment.

Reflecting on the last financial year, consider how much of your budget was allocated to employee health and skin cancer initiatives. Was it sufficient? Could it be improved? By enhancing your investment in employee health, you not only support your staff’s wellbeing but also strengthen your company’s financial health. The benefits are twofold: employees gain easier access to critical health screenings, and companies enjoy reduced absenteeism and improved productivity. As we move into the new financial year, it is crucial to evaluate and increase your budget allocation for employee health initiatives. Doing so will foster a healthier, more productive workforce and contribute to your company’s long-term success.

Preparing for the 2024/2025 Financial Year: Prioritise Employee Health with Skin Cancer Awareness

As you prepare for the 2024/2025 financial year, prioritising employee health should be at the forefront of your budgeting decisions. Here are some practical tips and initiatives to incorporate skin cancer awareness and prevention into your financial planning.

Step 1: Skin Cancer Screenings

Schedule skin cancer screenings in the first financial quarter before the hot days arrive. Partnering with Skin Smart ensures that screenings are conducted by dermal professionals using advanced tools like dermatoscopes. You can choose from three levels of screening to suit your employees’ schedules and needs, whether it involves partial or full-body checks, education tailored to individual skin types, referrals for further investigation, and comprehensive participation reports.

Step 2: Sun Safety Seminars

Consider hosting skin cancer educational seminars in the second quarter. These seminars, conducted by experts from Skin Smart, can educate employees on sun safety and how to minimise their risk of developing melanoma. Seminars can be customised to match your industry and working conditions. For instance, office workers might focus on indoor exposure and safe practices during outdoor breaks, while outdoor workers would benefit from guidance on protective gear and managing intense sun exposure.

Step 3: Activation During National Awareness Dates

Engage in skin cancer awareness activities throughout the year. Mark important dates such as National Cancer Day and Melanoma Awareness Month by organising team challenges, fundraisers, and installing sunscreen dispensers. Collaborating with Skin Smart can help you design and implement these initiatives effectively.

By integrating these strategies into your budget, you can create a proactive approach to employee health that can significantly reduce absenteeism and enhance productivity. Prioritising skin cancer awareness will protect your employees and demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing, ultimately benefiting your company’s performance and reputation.

Plan the New Financial Year With Skin Smart

Prioritising employee health, particularly through skin cancer awareness and prevention, is essential for both the wellbeing of your staff and the financial health of your company. As we approach the new financial year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on past health investments and plan for enhanced initiatives. Early detection of skin cancer can save lives, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity, making it a smart investment for any business.

By incorporating skin cancer screenings, educational seminars, and awareness activities into your budget, you demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ health. This will foster a positive workplace environment and will contribute to your company’s bottom line. Skin Smart is here to support you with professional services tailored to your company’s needs.

As you finalise your financial strategy for 2024/2025, consider the significant benefits of prioritising employee health. Contact Skin Smart today to discuss how we can help you implement effective skin cancer initiatives in your workplace. Together, we can create a healthier, more productive workforce and ensure your company thrives in the coming year.