How To Bridge The Tradies Skin Cancer Knowledge Gap & Safeguard Your Team

How To Bridge The Tradies Skin Cancer Knowledge Gap & Safeguard Your Team


As a business owner employing Tradies, you’ve likely encountered the frustrating reality of trying to instil sun safety practices within your team. Yet, many dismiss the risks of skin cancer as something that happens to others, not them. Despite your efforts to educate and provide guidelines for outdoor work, it seems like a battle against ingrained beliefs and a sense of invulnerability. As an employer of tradesmen, you face the pressure to do more to safeguard your team against skin cancer, and thankfully we’re here to help you bridge the one thing that has hindered your efforts: the tradie knowledge gap.

The Current Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Beliefs among Tradies

Tradies face significant challenges when it comes to sun safety and skin cancer prevention. Despite the ever-present risk of skin cancer due to prolonged exposure to harmful UV radiation, the habits and attitudes of many tradies towards sun protection remain concerning.

Statistics reveal a worrying trend: a considerable portion of tradies neglect basic sun safety practices. Research from The Australian Cancer Council highlights that nearly a quarter of tradies surveyed only rarely or occasionally wear sunscreen during the summer months, with this number escalating to almost half during winter. Shockingly, almost six in 10 Aussie tradies admitted to knowing colleagues who have battled skin cancer.

Compounding this issue is the lack of understanding among tradies about the dangers of UV radiation and its link to skin cancer. A staggering 73% admit they can’t explain how UV radiation works or its association with skin cancer. This knowledge gap is alarming, considering that nine in 10 tradies spend significant time outdoors on a typical workday, with over four in ten spending more than four hours working outside.

Moreover, the mental approach of tradies towards sun exposure and skin cancer presents additional challenges. Despite awareness campaigns and workplace initiatives, attitudes towards sun protection often reflect a sense of invincibility or indifference. Changing these entrenched behaviours requires not only targeted education but also addressing the underlying beliefs and attitudes towards sun safety within the industry.

How Business Owners Employing Tradies can Educate their Team about Skin Cancer

Leadership plays a crucial role in promoting sun safety for outdoor workers. As business owners, it’s imperative to take the lead in educating your tradie team about the risks of skin cancer and the importance of sun protection. The first step in this process is to address and change the current beliefs and misconceptions prevalent among them.

Understanding how skin cancer develops is essential. Skin cancer occurs when skin cells are damaged by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Tradies, particularly those working in construction, landscaping, and roofing, are at heightened risk due to their prolonged exposure to UV radiation during outdoor work hours. Factors such as reflective surfaces, high altitudes, and long work hours further contribute to increased risk for tradies.

However, traditional skin cancer seminars and programs often fail to resonate with tradies because they are generic and not tailored to their mindset. Many of these initiatives overlook the unique characteristics of tradies, such as being a millennial man who perceives his skin as resilient to sun damage. Tradies are accustomed to prioritise comfort over sun protection, and won’t hesitate to work shirtless or remove their hat to combat the heat. 

To effectively educate tradies about skin cancer, business owners like you must provide information and examples that resonate with their teams’ experiences and attitudes. This may include real-life stories of tradies who have battled skin cancer, practical demonstrations of sun protection methods that are both comfortable and sun-safe, and discussions about the long-term impact of sun exposure on health and livelihood. By addressing the specific concerns and mindset of tradies, you can create more impactful and relevant sun safety initiatives that encourage positive behavioural change.

Why Choose Skin Smart For Your Next Tradie Skin Cancer Initiative

Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, Skin Smart can accommodate your needs by conducting skin cancer checks onsite at your workplace. This means that regardless of the current projects your tradies are working on, Skin Smart can bring their expertise directly to you, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

We understand the importance of tailored education that resonates with tradies. Our team is skilled at delivering engaging and informative seminars that address the specific challenges and concerns of outdoor workers, making the learning process both relevant and effective. When it comes to skin cancer checks, we offer three different levels to adapt to your tradies’ schedule and preferences. From basic screenings to comprehensive examinations, Skin Smart ensures that every tradie receives the level of care they need.

We’re committed to making the entire process—from scheduling to participation—as simple and easy as possible for you. We rely on the latest technology and experienced dermal professionals to provide accurate detection and prevention strategies tailored to your team’s needs. By partnering with Skin Smart, you can rest assured to prioritise the health and safety of your tradie workforce. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take action today and safeguard your tradie team against skin cancer with Skin Smart.