Have you ever wanted the ability to have just one mole or lesion looked at by a skin cancer professional without the need to book a face to face appointment?

Do you have a significant number of moles that you find difficult to keep track of?

Would you like an affordable and convenient option to have your whole family’s skin checked whenever and from wherever?

You can now enjoy the ease and convenience of an At-Home Skin Screening membership with Skin Smart Australia.

How the membership works

Submit images of your moles and skin lesions for the Skin Smart team to assess. You may submit images whenever you wish from wherever you are for one easy annual membership fee.

How to submit images

The steps to sending images to Skin Smart for review are as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Step 1

Create an account with Molescope using the link provided by Skin Smart with your new membership

Step 2

Take images using the simple smart phone adapter

Step 3

Submit for review


Step 4

Skin Smart will advise of any further investigations if required

Membership Options

Imaging & MS Lite

Sign up to a 12-month membership of at-home skin screening with an MS Lite Skin Imaging Tool.


Imaging Only

Sign up to a 12-month membership of at-home skin screening. This membership is suited to those that already own an MS Lite Skin Imaging Tool or equivalent.


What is the MS Lite Skin Imaging tool?

The MS Lite Skin Imaging tool is a simplified dermatoscope that allows magnified and high quality images to be taken of your skin lesions and moles. The tool easily clips onto your smartphone device for ease of use.

What happens after signing up to a membership?

  1. Following receipt of payment, an MS Lite Skin Imaging Tool will be shipped free of charge to the listed name and address.
  2. An email with a link to register for a MoleScope Account will be sent to the listed email address.
  3. Once registered,  a confirmation email will be forwarded to you with instructions for downloading the MoleScope App to your smart device.
  4. Once the MS Lite Skin Imaging Tool has been received, images can be snapped and uploaded to Skin Smart Australia for personalised screening and feedback.

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