On-site Corporate Skin Assessments

Our knowledgeable, professional team is highly skilled in conducting corporate and workplace skin assessments. With a large and constantly growing team of Dermatoscopists, available Australia-wide, we are well placed to provide on-site skin checks to minimise workplace disruption and maximise efficiency.

With many workplaces recognising the importance of taking a proactive approach to their employees’ health, providing staff with a convenient avenue to have their skin checked is the responsible thing to do. Many lives have been saved with this approach, as dangerous lesions may have been otherwise ignored by the individual.

We currently deliver tailored services nationwide to tens of thousands of participants annually and see ourselves as a leading body in the corporate skin assessment market. Our assessment services can be repeated in the workplace every year or alternate year, and is a great way of emphasising workplace health and wellbeing.

Corporate skin cancer assessments

Our Skin Check Team from Sydney to Perth and Everywhere in Between

With a strong emphasis on professional development, our handpicked team have the skills and knowledge to keep them at the forefront of skin cancer prevention. All our staff have a professional qualification in Dermatoscopy and must comply with our in-house professional development regime to keep abreast of the latest advances in this area, making Skin Smart Australia the clever choice in corporate and workplace skin checks.

As a nationwide business, we are proud to be able to offer our services to all states of Australia. We have dermatoscopists based in all major cities and can offer our corporate services to our clients with no additional travel expenses.

Corporate Skin Services

We offer a number of services to suit your industry and workforce:

Exposed Areas Assessment

This service has a strong focus on the educational aspect of skin cancer and sun protection delivered on a one to one basis. During this 10 minute consultation the Dermatoscopist will focus on the exposed areas of skin and any particular lesions of concern, with the client not undressing for this service. Importantly, any participant with a suspicious lesion will be provided with a letter containing information about their assessment results to take to a doctor of their choice.

Skin Smart Seminars

In this hour long seminar, we will raise awareness about skin cancer, its various forms and predisposing factors that increase skin cancer risk. In addition, we provide advice to employees around how to maintain skin health, how to self-monitor their skin, proper sun protection techniques and the warning signs of skin cancer. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements so we can tailor a seminar to suit your workplace.

Full Body Skin Assessments

This 15 minute assessment will be performed by a Dermatoscopist who, with the use of a dermatoscope, will survey all skin lesions for suspicious features and make a head to toe assessment of the individual’s skin. We assess the individual’s level of risk for developing skin cancer and educate them about the best way to monitor their skin. Importantly, any participant with a suspicious lesion will be provided with a letter containing information about their assessment results to take to a doctor of their choice.

Mole Mapping Now Available for Corporates

A Mole Map is an hour appointment, and we have a range of options to effectively tailor this service to the individual workplace.

In order to monitor both short and long term changes in moles, (a good indicator of melanoma), mole mapping is a comprehensive service that uses Total Body Imaging to record the details of a person’s skin. At the first consultation, we take a full skin history, which involves taking a set of 33 body photographs of the entire skin. We then image any slightly abnormal or atypical moles at 30x magnification, to enable any new or changing lesions to be more easily identified during future consultations.

We examine the entire skin surface, including the scalp, fingernails and between the toes. We can even provide your employee with a copy of the images taken during mole mapping.

Written recommendations will be made to each corporate client regarding further investigations, follow up mole mapping and review appointments if required.

Mole mapping is completely safe for all patients, including pregnant women, as it involves photography. We supply patients with a dignity gown so they will remain covered as much as possible throughout the consultation. We ask that make up (particularly foundation and lipstick) be removed prior to the consultation and that patients refrain from applying moisturiser on the day of the appointment.

Mole mapping is an excellent service to establish a baseline of each individual’s skin, therefore enabling future comparison and potential early detection of malignant lesions.

Find a general practitioner who has specific qualifications in skin cancer medicine here

General Information About Our Corporate Skin Assessment Services

Corporate skin assessments are always conducted to suit you and your organisation, with a focus on ensuring each individual receives maximum benefit.

To fit in with the daily demands of a business, we can provide a simple system of booking with a manual run sheet system, to a ‘walk in’ system or even an online booking system if required.

All information is private and fully confidential between the individual and the Dermatoscopist.

For more information contact Sofie, Jane or Hillary on either  0418 533 531 (Sofie) 0425 284 680 (Jane) or 0475 018 222 (Hillary)